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An Overview

Every phase of Casa Angelina’s construction has been largely developed by the financial generosity and physical labor of our partners and teams.

From digging the foundation, laying each brick, and welding the frames to the interior painting, decorating, and carpentry, we have enjoyed the partnership of people from all different backgrounds and walks of life. We further extend this invitation to you! Come and enjoy yourself while leaving your mark and making a difference for all of our children. Not only will you further increase the quality of their lives, but you will also enable us to rescue more kids. Your week will be filled with wonderful children, live performances, great food, significant work, and special memories made for you and your whole family. Make the most of this year by planning to come on a team trip!read more

Planning Your Trip

For more information about your trip and what to expect in Guatemala, please download our Team Manual.

2018 Team Manual

Available Dates

Meet our children and help build their future.

FEBRUARYSaturday 17th to Saturday 24th
MARCHSaturday 10th to Saturday 17th
JUNESaturday 9th to Saturday 16th
JULYSaturday 7th to Saturday 14th
AUGUSTSaturday 11th to Saturday 18th
OCTOBERSaturday 20th to Saturday 27th

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Anyone who is 10 years of age or older is welcome at Casa Angelina. We encourage families to come together and experience the uniqueness and love at Casa Angelina. The orphanage is its own life-changing experience. Whether you are single, married with children, or retired, you are more than welcome to lead a group. Please choose from the designated team weeks listed above when scheduling your trip.
  • We kindly ask all team members meet our health standards in order to serve at Casa Angelina. To view these requirements, please download the 2017 Team Manual above.

  • We keep ourselves aware of the “danger areas” in Guatemala and avoid them with our teams. Members of our staff will pick you up at the airport and drive you straight to your hotel in Antigua. Antigua is a very popular tourist city filled with markets lining the cobblestone streets. It also serves as a language center with travelers visiting from around the globe. We believe you will feel safe and surely enjoy this beautiful, ancient city.
  • Each morning we will pick you up from your hotel and drive you directly to Casa Angelina, which is fully fenced and guarded. In the late afternoon, we will drive you back to your hotel in time to eat dinner. As an additional safety precaution, we encourage all travelers to remain in groups while visiting Guatemala.

  • Team week begins when your team flies into Guatemala City on Saturday. Our staff will meet you at the airport and drive you straight to your hotel in Antigua. The following day (Sunday) is free for tourism and shopping at the local markets in Antigua. You can go to the city’s center to shop for souvenirs at the markets and surrounding stores. We can also connect you with a tourism group that can take you to hike a volcano or participate in a tour of the Guatemalan ruins. Guatemala has a rich culture of Mayan Indian designs and is known for their production of coffee, sugar, and jade. You will have a great time with whatever adventure you decide to take. Monday through Friday starts out with breakfast at your hotel, followed by our staff picking you up and driving you to Casa Angelina. When you arrive, you will be given a tour of all 16.3 acres that make up the mountainside community of Casa Angelina.
  • Construction is ongoing, so we will have a list of projects to accomplish for the week that line up with your group’s particular skill set. These projects can include but are not limited to painting, digging, simple masonry, and cleaning. If you have a very specific skill set (e.g., carpentry, welding), it is always helpful for us to know beforehand as we may coordinate a project according to your skills. Around 1:00 pm, our gourmet chef, Tulio, prepares all team members an amazing five-star lunch. You will also have designated times to interact with our kids, as their days are spent in school. The children will often perform a couple of dances and songs for you, and we will take the time to introduce you to certain children, sharing what life was like for them before Casa Angelina and what it is like now. This is a great time for the teams to begin to comprehend the magnitude of what and whom they are contributing to that week. We never want to forget all the children who need to be rescued, but it truly is a celebration for each child who already has been. On the last day (Saturday), we will pick you up from your hotel and drive you to the airport.

– Flights:   Flights from the US range from $600-$900 unless they are purchased close to your departure date. 

– Accommodation:   

  •  Hotel Casa de las Fuentes

    • Double: $47 US (cost can be split between 2 people)
    • Triple: $60 US (cost can be split between 3 people)
    • Quadruple: $76 US (cost can be split between 4 people)
    • All rates include breakfast and tax. Lunch and/or dinner can be provided at an additional $10/person/meal.
  • Hotel Soleil Antigua

    • Single: $75 US + 22% tax per night
    • Double: $85 US + 22% tax per room/night (cost can be split between 2 people)
    • Triple: $110 US + 22% tax per room/night (cost can be split between 3 people)
    • All rates include breakfast.
  • Posada de Don Rodrigo

    • Single: $91 US + 22% tax per night
    • Double: $104 US + 22% tax per room/night (cost can be split between 2 people)
    • Triple: $124 US + 22% tax per room/night (cost can be split between 3 people)
    • All rates include breakfast.

– Administration Fee:  We charge $200 per person. This fee covers airport pick-up/drop-off, transportation to/from Casa Angelina every day, lunches during the workweek, and essential toiletries and cleaning supplies needed for the team week.

  – Incidentals:  We suggest bringing money for souvenirs, weekend meals, and other interests you may have while in Guatemala.

Approximate Total:  Between $1200 and $1600, not including incidentals.


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To organize a team trip to Casa Angelina, please contact our team trip coordinator, Shelley Jones, at our US office:

  • 719-495-9494

  • [email protected]
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