Moi’s children home

Government-run Orphanage

Our Efforts

What Matters Ministries and Missions has visited Moi’s Children Home on several occasions. We take them toys, balls, and food, and we have also fitted every child with their first pair of shoes. We spend time holding and visiting each child and have become very connected with these beautiful children.

Our Efforts

Moi’s Children Home is a government-run orphanage in Nakuru, Kenya. The facilities are confronting as they are dilapidated and overcrowded. The staff is not nearly enough to sustain the daily needs of all the children. The one-room nursery is filled with cribs, each containing one, two, and occasionally three babies. Streams of rope hang across the ceiling filled with grey cloth diapers, clothes, and rags. The smell and stuffiness of this room is overpowering, but the most noticeable thing is the silence—the lack of any crying. Many of these precious babies lay staring motionless with vacant eyes. There just isn’t enough staff to give each one the attention so needed for infants to even sustain life. Unfortunately, some eventually pass away from lack of stimulation and physical contact.

The children sleep in dorm-style rooms with no supervision. The beds are old, and the mattresses are older; there is no covering on any of them. In the corner where the little ones play, there is a box of broken toys. The only ball that bounces becomes the highlight. However, it became obvious that many children don’t have the energy or imagination to join in a game.

The oldest children mingle outside, kicking whatever they can find in a game of soccer. No one has shoes, underwear, or adequate clothing. The dust fills the air and coats each child to the point of camouflage. Every head is shaved and reveals the many white rings from ringworm fungus on their scalps. We love these children and long to do all we can to ensure a brighter future for each of them.