Craig and Kindra Rains

Co-Directors of What Matters Ministries and Missions

Craig and Kindra Rains are Ministry Directors with Ivan and Kimberly Tait and, Andrew and Bethany Frazer. They are involved in the daily operations and decisions of What Matters Ministries and Missions.

Meet Craig

Craig was born in Australia and met Kindra at Hillsong Bible College. They were married on January 7, 2006. Craig's wit, charm, and "down under" manner serve to brighten every day in the ministry. He is a natural leader and has an excellent work ethic. His example in the office brings out the best effort in everyone. As a partner, he is consulted and responsible for the decisions in all areas of the ministry. On a daily basis he works diligently as the Partner Relations Director, as our ministry graphic designer and managing the affairs of each department of our office. He has a deep love and commitment to the children we serve and is always moved at the mention of another rescued little one.

Meet Kindra

Kindra is the second-born daughter of Ivan and Kimberly Tait. She has the final voice on everything that is designed or that would represent the ministry in appearance. Kindra’s eye for excellence and cultural style touches every department in which she is consulted, and her opinion is the deciding factor. "She keeps us all looking good" is a constant office sentiment. Her wisdom serves in deciding major decisions in every area of the ministry.

During partner meetings, it is Kindra's voice that is often the "why" behind the decisions. While at Hillsong Bible College in Australia, Kindra met and connected with Faith, who later became the director of our WMMM center in Nakuru, Kenya. Kindra's sensitivity to the stories of the children at Casa Angelina help direct their futures.

Kindra is the biggest fan of WMMM and of each of us. Whether you work in the office in Colorado, in Kenya, or in Guatemala, she takes a personal interest in your life and well-being. She also loves to help make Ivan’s travels easier and more productive. She is a selfless giver of love and is detail oriented, so whatever she gets involved with is improved.

The Rains family is a blessing to all who meet them. Craig and Kindra have four wonderful children: Kai, Tait, Justus and, Reverie.