Invest in Yourself, Invest in Others

Our goal is to turn orphans into royalty by investing into the spiritual, emotional, physical, and educational growth of the children that call Casa Angelina home. If you desire to see God do a lasting work in the hearts of our kids and are willing to commit a season of your life serving our vision, we encourage you to consider interning at our orphanage!


  • First-time interns may serve for 1-3 months, as determined by our Pastors and Directors.

  • Second-time or repeat interns may serve for a minimum of 1 month to a maximum of 1 year, as determined by our Pastors and Directors.

  • Interns stay on site at Casa Angelina.

  • We provide you with three meals a day during the weekdays and food to prepare your own meals on weekends. (Trips to the grocery store can be arranged for additional snacks and for personal items.)


  1. Ready to commit for 1 month or longer.

  2. A Pastor’s written reference.

  3. Have your own financial support (including flight to/from Guatemala and approx. $200/month for extra expenses).

  4. No criminal record.

  5. Minors as young as 16 will be considered with parents’ permission.

  6. Spanish is not a requirement but is very helpful. We encourage you to work on learning as much as possible before coming down.

  7. In good health and not needing a special diet or special accommodations for disabilities.

Application Process

1 - Click the red button below and let us know you're interested. We will email you back with details and an application.

2 - Submit your application including written references (pastoral and personal). We will then schedule a time to contact you for a video call or phone interview.

3 - Once approved, you will need to book your flight with the approved dates.


The role of the intern is to serve the Pastors and Directors of the orphanage on the property. These tasks can include, but are not limited to:

  • Playing with the children.
  • Assisting the tutors with activities with the children
  • Assisting the visiting teams.
  • Helping to prepare for church services and events, preparing skits, cleaning and organizing.
  • Cleaning the property or homes.
  • Serving in the Clinic.


  • A life changing experience out of your normal environment.
  • Experience working with a non profit organization.
  • Immersion into the Guatemalan culture and Spanish language.
  • Opportunity to serve, learn, and grow in your relationship with God!

We look forward to hearing from you!