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When We Receive a Child

Day One

Every child living at Casa Angelina arrives through the Guatemalan court system by order from a judge. We work with these judges to receive legal custody of the children. Upon entering Casa Angelina they are welcomed by members of our team. The social worker, pastors, directors, and children are there to comfort and immediately show them love and support.

A New Beginning

They each receive clothing, shoes, toys, and hygiene products. Most children have a measure of shock at receiving these items and are not sure if we mean that everything will belong to them. The quality of their new life immediately shows them that we care about their well-being. The beauty of their surroundings makes quite an impact due to the contrast it makes from the street, shack, or previous orphanage they have come from.

Their New Home

After they see their new home, they are shown their very own bed, which also comes as a shock oftentimes as most of them have never had their own bed before (many grow up sleeping with multiple people or on the ground). Most children arrive with various degrees of malnutrition, so they eat their first meal right away, which they are always so grateful for. Then it is time for a tour of their new home. The children who have been here for a while are always so excited to show it off. Once the new children see the playgrounds, feeding center, homes, forest, soccer field, and school, the beauty and expanse help to restore hope and joy to their eyes. This introduction helps them begin to feel comfortable. Our goal for the first day is for them to eat, play, and feel safe.

Health Check

Each new child is taken for a check up at our medical clinic. More often than not when we receive a child we have no previous medical history, so this medical examination is very important. Our on-site pediatrician assess the levels of illness, malnutrition, and poor hygiene, and prescribes the necessary course of treatment.

Many times the children come with untreated urinary tract infections, parasites, lice, intestinal infections, and anemia. The majority of our children have never received any dental care before coming to Casa Angelina, and therefore have varying levels of gum disease, abscesses, and rotten and decayed teeth. We do a series of stool, urine, and blood tests to better assess their level of internal health.

To complete our examination, the medical staff records all bruising, cuts, and scratches that the children arrive with. We then report our official records of their treatment and care to the department of child services in Guatemala.

A Bright Future

Within the first few days, we assess the children's level of education. Many who come to Casa Angelina have never had any formal education. If they have, we are able to test them in our school to verify which grade level they should enter. However, if they have had no schooling and are under 13 years old, they are required by law to start at first grade. Once they reach 13, they can enter the Advanced Learning Course and skip grades according to the level of their aptitude. We have made a commitment to providing an atmosphere of higher education for each child eager to learn. For these children, we will provide support through elementary, junior high, and high school and then on to college and into their careers.

Every child is taught about the love of God. They are cared for and given counseling about their pasts. We want to set them on a new path and give them confidence that they can break the cycle of their pasts and never have to be abused again. These are some of the reasons why our motto at Casa Angelina is "Turning Orphans into Royalty."

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