Thank you! You have been a part of some amazing things this year!!


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For those of you that are considering giving an end-of-year gift to What Matters, we would like you to know that your donation will go toward the following Casa Angelina December needs that we are currently raising money for:

  • The Children’s Christmas dinner
  • Casa Angelina Christmas party and Christmas Eve candlelight service
  • The Christmas firework show for the children (this is a Guatemalan tradition at Christmas)
  • Baby strollers for the new babies we have receive
  • Wooden railings for bunk bed
  • 3 Replacement refrigerators for children’s home
  • 2 Dryers for children’s homes
  • 5 Replacement stoves for children’s home
  • 3 Microwaves for children’s homes
  • A government-required payment for Casa Angelina Guatemalan employees
  • School water tank and pump
  • Orphanage vehicle repairs
  • Repair for the water heater in the Aquaponic
  • 2 Weed eaters for property maintenance
  • 2 Jump starter kits for cars
  • 1 Pressure washer
  • Multiple power surge protectors for the children’s homes

Thank you for considering What Matters as a place to sow your seed! We are very grateful for your support and know that we cannot do great things without a team! Each one of you is connected with us in the purpose of pursuing what matters to God’s heart. May the Lord bless you and keep you, in Jesus’ name!