Margarita has lived her entire life in the village of El Sitán, Guatemala. She spent the first part of her childhood playing like other children but had to begin working at age 10. About twice a week, she would carry a large basket of bread on her head about 12 miles to the town of Patzúm. There she would sell the bread and walk the distance back. She remembers the day she met her husband as he was walking to his job in the fields and she to her. They would talk every day as they passed on the road, and then he began visiting her at her house. After two years, they got married. They were both 18 years old. They had 8 children together, but one passed away as a baby due to sickness. They had 30 grandchildren and were married for 49 years.

    Unfortunately, as a result of alcoholism, her husband died of a stomach ulcer in 2005. After this she felt very alone, and life was difficult since her house was only cornstalks and mud, and she didn’t have much food. For six years she struggled after her husband’s death. Her children tried to help her but did not have the financial means to do so.

    She had never gone to church in her entire life until one day in 2007 when she went to the church in her village and gave her life to the Lord. She says her old life is completely behind her and that she has a new life with Jesus. In 2012, the staff at Casa Angelina found her and stepped in to help by building her a house and giving her monthly food, water, and necessities. She is so grateful to have her needs provided for, and now she feels secure. She lives with her daughter, Josefina, and five of her grandchildren, and she goes to church weekly in her village. Her daughter suffers from gastritis but is able to come with Margarita regularly to The Mercy Clinic at Casa Angelina for medical attention.

    Margarita says that she wants to continue moving forward in her life and to seek more of God. She is a beautiful, thankful woman, and Casa Angelina will continue to support her in any way possible.