Maria Canu has been a widow for seven years. Her husband suffered from a hit to the head. As the years went by, he suffered and eventually passed away, not being able to receive medical help. Maria Canu has had her own health issues attributed to problems with her kidneys. She has been part of the widow program since 2019 when she moved into her new home. She lived in a house constructed of adobe and pieces of wood and would work hard in the fields cutting vegetables. Now she is receiving help; monthly groceries, monthly medicines, and health check-ups.

    Her daughter has a mental disability and was raped two years ago. She had a baby in May 2019 but was not mentally capable of keeping her baby girl. Maria couldn’t take care of her either due to her living and economic situation. The baby was taken from them and sent to an orphanage. A few months after Maria became a part of the widow program, she told us of her granddaughter. We were able to get her transferred to Casa Angelina! Her granddaughter now has a beautiful future, and Maria gets to have visits with her.