Celebrating our Graduates!

Congratulations to Casa Angelina’s graduates and a huge thank you to our school staff!

Our orphanage director, Yuri Mondal, and our co-founder/director, Kimberly Tait, helped lead the graduation ceremony.

We are so proud of our 2016 graduates! Each October, we hold a very special ceremony at Casa Angelina, celebrating the students that are graduating from either kindergarten, primary school, secondary school, or college. This year, our children have astounded us with their grades, setting record-breaking achievements. Every single student at Casa Angelina finished the school year with an 85% GPA or higher!

We believe that education is key to breaking the cycle of poverty that our children were in before coming to Casa Angelina. Many of our children come to the orphanage having never attended school at all. But once they are given the opportunity to learn, we see our children eagerly rise to the challenge to meet the high standard set by our co-founder and director, Mami Kimberly. With the help of our amazing school staff, our children diligently strive to work hard and accomplish their goals. Their futures are being rewritten right before our eyes. We couldn’t be more proud of them!
This year, we had three young ladies complete the two-year college to earn their associates degree! Carina Masaya, Yulisa Yoc, and Yuleida Yoc will be furthering their studies at university starting in January. We plan to bring these three young women to the United States at the end of this year, giving them the opportunity to travel to churches, meet with donors, and raise support for their upcoming studies! Please continue praying for these world-changing women!

The Masaya sisters: Marisa and Carina. Carina was one of three students that graduated from college and will be attending university in January.

The Yoc sisters: Yulisa, Jenifer, and Yuleida (Scarlet). Both Yulisa and Yuleida graduated from college with their associates degree and will further their studies at university.

Hats off to our graduates! Also pictured: Juan Morales and Ericka Camargo receive their diplomas and graduate to the next level of schooling!

We are so proud of our children and their hard work! Pictured here are Mimi Garcia, Maryoli and Wilians Guerra, and Kimberly Rodriguez.


As a special reward to our graduates and all the other students of Casa Angelina, we spent the day at a waterpark! It was a blast and the children had so much fun! Many of them had never seen an amusement park, let alone a pool, in their life before coming to Casa Angelina. You can only imagine the wonder and excitement in their eyes!

Laila and Sara Criado, Damian Sirin, and Sebastian Morales played in the pools all day.

Fernanda, Astrid, and some of our boys had fun in the sun!


Last month, we had an urgent need to raise the monthly support for our 40 new children at Casa Angelina. We are so blessed by your response! Thank you to every person that rallied around us and signed up to be a monthly sponsor. What you do matters to us, the children, and the staff at Casa Angelina. And who you are matters just the same! We are truly grateful for YOU and your heart to help us meet this need. Know that we are praying for you and believing God for His rich harvest in every area of your life. Remember that every seed you sow is planted in fertile soil, eternally transforming these children and their destinies and furthering God’s kingdom. THANK YOU! You are a gift to us and this ministry!


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