Breaking the Cycle of Poverty through Education

Our vision at Casa Angelina is to equip our children by being a high education orphanage. We strive to place value upon their lives, and education is one of the impacting ways we do that! We do not believe in simply taking children in, feeding and housing them, and then sending them back into society without the proper tools. God has called us to these children and to their future destinies! In this way, we help keep them from falling back into a victim mentality or returning to abusive situations. The cycle of poverty is broken through God’s mighty work in their lives and with the power of an education, . They are set up to change their country forever!

The school year in Guatemala starts at the end of January and goes through the end of October. This year we have more students enrolled in school than ever before due to the influx of new children in 2016. We are so thrilled to see what God is doing and going to do through each of these children as they begin to get educated and dream for their future.

Our curriculum at Casa Angelina is the best one offered in Guatemala! Kimberly Tait, Ivan’s wife, known at the orphanage as Mami Kimberly, has transformed the school program by setting a very high standard. Every child needs to get an 85% or higher in each class. This bar has challenged the students to excel and dream bigger than ever…and they are! Since beginning school a few weeks ago, we have already seen the children who are new to Casa Angelina motivated and excited. They’re beginning to recognize the gift of education and see just how much we value their lives and their futures. And they’re adopting that attitude themselves!

We know God does not want to leave any of us broken and hurting, destroyed without a future. He wants these children to go forward, being educated in mind, spirit, and body. Their total restoration requires healing in all areas. We have witnessed amazing fruit in our children as they walk that journey. Please pray Philippians 1:6 over our students, that God would continue to outwork His vision in them and propel them into their destinies!


Neithan (L) and Baldomero (R)

The children are doing really well in this first month of school. They have risen to the challenge Mami Kimberly placed on them and excelled in their first set of exams. Pictured here: Susy, Selena and Marisa, and Carmen

Higher Education

A number of our students have literally grown up at Casa Angelina over the years. Now, after graduating from the American equivalent of high school, many of them have gone on to their first two years of college and others have graduated that program and gone on to university to study specialized areas. We are so proud of them! They are world changers!


Juan Jose and Scarlet both feel called to be pastors and are attending Bible school to get their theology degree.

Monica is studying chef and restaurant administration, Carina wants to be a film director. Yulisa is getting her degree in interior design.

Sucely and Gabby are both in the United States studying English in preparation for their TOEFL exams. Upon completion, Sucely wants to pursue a physics degree to become an aeronautical engineer. Gabby wants to apply for flight attendant school and later pursue a career in newscasting and journalism.

Partner with Us in Education!

As we begin this new school year, we are excited to see where God takes our university, college, and Casa Angelina students. He is always faithful to plant destiny seeds inside their hearts. As those seeds grow, all past and present fears will be broken off, and they will begin to dream for their future and feel equipped to change their lives forever.

We know that all the work we accomplish is due to the amazing financial support from every single one of our partners. The cost of schooling is over $15,000/month total for all students after initial enrollment fees. Many generous partners have become sponsors for individual as well as university students. But we still need to raise $7,227/month to cover our total costs. If you are not currently sowing into Casa Angelina and would like to invest into our children, we would encourage you to partner with us as an education sponsor. Please click on the DONATE button below and choose “Education” in the dropdown list.

Thank you so much for helping these dreams become realized!