End of the Year 2016

Dear Partners!

A BIG Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from all of us at What Matters Ministries and Missions USA Team, at Casa Angelina Guatemala, and at the What Matters Center in Kenya, Africa!

We are so grateful for your partnership with our ministry this last year! 2016 has been a supernatural year of multiplication and growth! Your faithful partnership in donating this year has given What Matters an avenue to minister and see many miraculous healings and over 1,500 souls saved this year. It has changed the lives of many orphans: rescuing them, educating them, and leading them into their powerful destinies. And it has been the sustaining help of over 27 widows and their families and seen hundreds of children fed in Kenya, Africa!

Many previous records were broken this year as we rescued more children in one year in Guatemala than ever before, and as we extended our What Matters Center in Kenya to also include a church ministry in the slums of Nakuru! This year we saw more people nationwide accepting Jesus as their Answer and Savior! We have watched as faithfulness and love paved a way for healing in many lives…and you have been a part of it all!

Thank you for sowing, praying, and caring for those who were abandoned and left without hope. Thank you for sacrificing and joining us in living the heart of God to save, rescue, feed, provide for, and build up the body of Christ in its many locations, nations, and people groups. We couldn’t have done this work without you. Thank you for your obedience to the Word of God to care for orphans and widows. Thank you for your love and support. Your prayers are fighting battles, maybe unseen to you, but yet so very real, and we are seeing the victories! The children of Casa Angelina are growing into men and women who will change their country and many lives for Jesus and who will fight for justice for others who have suffered as they have!

We are partnered with you in our calling, we are connected in purpose. And together we will see the kingdom of God flooding this earth with His heart for all mankind. What you do matters to us! The future is waiting. Let’s continue to run this race together. Thank you again!

Merry Christmas from all of us at What Matters M.M. USA, Guatemala, and Kenya!


Ivan & Kimberly Tait, Andrew & Bethany Frazer, Craig & Kindra Rains, and the team

Partners, please consider giving an End-of-Year donation to What Matters!

As we come to the end of 2016, our growth has brought more need. This year has caused us to dig deep as we have had to believe God to meet the needs that have come in rescuing more children. And we want to ask you to consider making an end-of-year donation this month to finish 2016 strong!

Medical Needs:

We just recently had two new babies born into the Casa Angelina family! Two young teenage mothers’ lives and babies were saved! These two young ladies’ youth was stolen, and they were left with no help or support, but that is not their story anymore! Baby Alfredo and Baby David have both been welcomed into the world and into loving arms. Both mothers, due to their ages and physical condition, were not able to have natural deliveries. They both required emergency C-sections in a special hospital in Guatemala City to deliver their babies safely. One of the operations has been generously sponsored so far!

Casa Angelina Children’s Christmas Party:

We would love to be able to give our children an incredible Christmas celebration to end this year! The traditional Christmas in Guatemala includes a family dinner with turkey and nuts and fruit and fireworks, games, and a candlelight service! Each of our children look forward to this celebration every year. And for our many new children rescued this year, it will be their very first time celebrating Christmas and feeling loved and appreciated during this season!

Government Required Payment:

The Guatemala government requires that we make an end-of-year payment for each of our Guatemalan staff. We treat Casa Angelina as a family and appreciate our staff here so much. We know that we could not run our orphanage without the daily employees we have in the children’s homes, School, Clinic, Kitchen, Construction, Maintenance, and Security of Casa Angelina. Each of these departments are filled with employees that do the daily tasks necessary to see these children are safe, well-fed, educated, loved, and well cared for.

House Maintenance and Repairs:

As the year comes to a close, we have many areas needing maintenance and/or repair as we embark on a new upcoming year. Many refrigerators, washing machines, dryers, and our main electrical box need either repairs or updates to keep them in good working condition for the homes.

Graduates come to the USA for a visit:

Last year we had the opportunity to bring 3 of our graduates to the USA to travel and visit some churches, meet the people who have supported them throughout the years, and share their testimonies with others. It was truly a full-circle month for us as we watched these beautiful children, now adults, blossom and lead and share with confidence all that has happened in their lives. And this year we would like to bring 3 more graduates to the States for about 5-6 weeks. This trip is a reward for their hard work and determination with their studies, as well as a life-changing experience for them. What a gift!

All of these needs in Guatemala come to a total of $77,100

We are also believing the Lord to meet multiple needs for our USA office as well, as we have launched out more into reaching Foundations and Corporations with the message of orphans and widows and the poor! This requires more expense as we have had to outsource for external audits of the last two years so that our high level of financial accountability is corporately recognized. We are happy to report that we have passed them all excellently!

Please consider giving a donation this month to help us meet these needs in Guatemala and in the Ministry as well. We have never had such a large end-of-year need before. But we also believe that together we can see seemingly impossible things happen! The donations you make are giving an amazing quality of life for orphans and giving them a new future as well. Thank you for believing in What Matters. We pray you see the significance of your partnership with us! May God’s blessing be over your families and businesses this Christmas season!

“Whoever is generous to the poor lends to the Lord, and he will repay him for his deed.”

-Proverbs 19:17-