The Joy Of Christmas

Partners, we pray you and your families had an amazing Christmas and New Year! Christmas 2016 was wonderful at Casa Angelina! The orphanage always has an evening FULL of celebrations. Christmas Eve started with a worship service and skit about Jesus, followed by a candlelight service. Afterwards, the children and staff had a themed dinner, set off sparklers at their homes, shot off large fireworks overhead, and then all met at midnight to open presents!

Many of our children came to Casa Angelina just a few months ago, so this was the first Christmas they had ever celebrated. You could see the joy and surprise in their eyes when they each received a personalized bag full of presents. For many of them, this was the first time they felt the special sense of worth and love that comes when someone gives you a gift you dreamed of and hoped for. Our children are valuable, far beyond price, and we love seeing God lavish them in worth at Christmas time and all year long. Thank you for helping make this Christmas season so special for them!


Feliz Navidad at Casa Angelina! Every child received a personalized bag of gifts!

Arnolio, Elias, Blondy, and Linda at the candlelight service.

Baldomero and Melanie hoist their gifts away!

Krystal, Julia, and Wendy loved their presents. Thank you for making their Christmas so special!

A Christmas Miracle!

The month of December was a reminder to us that God always faithfully provides! He came through in a miraculous way. Our ministry placed a huge need of $77,100 before you, our partners, to cover the end of the year expenses, and every dollar came in! We were able to meet every need for the orphanage Christmas celebrations, finance the operations and surgeries some of our young women needed. And provide the funds for the government-mandated payment for our Guatemalan staff. Thank you for partnering with us to release God’s miracle! Every seed you sow financially and in prayer is an expression of your love for the children at Casa Angelina. What you do matters!

Karen, Daniel, and Dana enjoy the fireworks celebration.

Casa Angelina Needs:

School Enrollment – $8,200

Last year, we welcomed over 40 brand new children to Casa Angelina! They are a gift from God! Many of these children have never been to school in their lives, but we are committed to giving them the highest standard of education because we believe they are destined for greatness!

The Guatemalan school year runs from January to October, and this month we had the largest enrollment in the history of the orphanage! Enrollment fees and books for 2017 cost $6,000. Uniforms for the new children cost an additional $2,200.

You would be amazed at how hard the children at Casa Angelina strive to learn, get good grades, and even exceed our expectations. Their schooling is important to them, and we know that getting an education is one of the many ways God is breaking the cycle of poverty and equipping them for their futures. Thank you for partnering with us in this and investing into their lives!

If you would like to donate toward this expense, please click the link below, sign in, and choose “School Enrollment” from the dropdown list.


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